Protect your MD or VA business with Pest Control you can trust!

Pests on your business premises can result in property damage, a tarnished reputation, and challenges in attracting customers and high-quality employees.

Whether you’re looking to treat or prevent a pest control problem, your BOG Pest Control trusted advisor will create a tailored commercial pest control solution to suit your business needs.

Quality Standards That Match Yours

When you choose B.O.G. Pest Control as your commercial pest control partner, you can trust that you’re using a company with high safety standards. What makes us so unique?

We train our trusted advisors regularly through weekly sessions that focus on live demonstrations of safe & effective use of all equipment and applications.

During the application process, our trusted technicians are constantly looking out for the safety of your employees, clients, pets, and even the environment throughout treatment.

We pride ourselves on choosing low-risk products and safer application methods than our competitors.

Keep your customers happy and pests out

Commercial Pest Control

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