Whether you’re dealing with mice, rats, or other unwelcome critters, our comprehensive rodent control solutions are designed to keep your space rodent-free and safeguard your health. We treat your home like it’s our own, working to resolve even your toughest pest problems quickly and effectively.

Don't Live With Unwanted Guests

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Rodent Control That Fits Your Needs

Rodents aren’t just unsightly; they also present health and safety risks to you and your loved ones. Rodents carry diseases such as Salmonella or Rat-Bite Fever and are known to chew through electrical wires, causing house fires—this calls for immediate attention! In order to effectively eliminate rodents and other household pests from your home and protect your family from future exposure, we offer a variety of different service packages. These include:

Current Infestations: This service comes with an initial inspection and thorough first treatment of the interior and exterior of your home. After the initial treatment, we inspect and service your home every other month to ensure your home stays pest and rodent-free.

Proactive Treatments: Don’t wait for rodents and pests to appear in your home; be defensive with solutions that protect against their invasion!

Protect your Health and Property

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Pest Control Professionals Serving Maryland & Northern Virginia

Ant Control

A colony can consist of more than 300,000 ants nesting in trees, underground, or even in your home. Get your customized solution for eliminating these opportunistic feeders.

Closeup of termites

Termite Control

Termites cause $5 billion worth of home repairs each year in the US. Get your house inspected for Termites, or protect your property from these destroyers with our Advanced Protection.

Mole coming out of a hole in soil.

Mole & Vole Control

Moles and voles can undermine the structural integrity of your yard and severely damage your grass, trees, and shrubs. Help keep moles and voles away with a program built for you.

A rat walking on wood.

Rodent Control

Keeping mice and rats out of your home doesn't have to be difficult. Here at B.O.G. Pest Control, our rodent exterminators can help you get rid of your infestation safely and effectively using proven rodent control methods.

Mosquito Control

Feed your guests – not the mosquitoes! Take advantage of comprehensive mosquito coverage, or protect your guests with special event sprays perfect for graduation or weddings.

Wasp on a leaf

Stinging Insects

Insect stings can be painful and dangerous. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk by trying to remove a nest. Instead, get help from the professionals.

A tick on human skin.

Flea & Tick Control

Ticks threaten the health of your family and pets, and fleas can have a big impact on your comfort despite their size. Bite back with Flea and Tick protection.

The front porch of a house, with lawn and flower garden.

Commercial Services

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to your business. Create a safe and welcoming place for your clients and customers by protecting it from unwanted pests.