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Investing in bug and insect control for your home is a wise decision that brings numerous benefits to both your property and well-being. Bug infestations can lead to structural damage, posing potential threats to the integrity of your home and increasing repair costs in the long run. 

Additionally, pests can carry harmful diseases, jeopardizing the health of your family and pets. 

Let’s partner together to safeguard your health and home from ants, spiders, centipedes, beetles, plus 20+ other pesky intruders.

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Here’s how your Bug Control & Insect Control Will Work

Pest problems can cause a lot of stress, worry and fear but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Your bug control services will be tailored to your needs to tackle whatever pest issue you are facing.

Your Preventative Maintenance Visits Will Include

Inspection: Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your property looking for signs of pest activity, identifying conducive conditions, and any pest hotspots.

Treatment: Based on the findings from the inspection, our technicians will use safe, eco-friendly products to treat any existing pest problems.

Barrier Application: A foundation barrier is applied to any external surfaces of the property to deter pests and prevent their entry.

Recommendation: Our technicians will provide recommendations on how to minimize conducive conditions that encourage pesky intruders into your home or workplace. As we understand that ultimately pest prevention lies in eliminating the cause of their presence.

Ongoing communication and support: We give you the support you want throughout the pest control process. We love to keep a good channel of communication with our customers to keep them up to date and to ensure that they are satisfied with the service they receive

Our preventive maintenance visits at Blades of Green are designed to keep pests out of your residence or business. Preventive maintenance is part of our integrated pest management approach, assisting you in maintaining a pest-free environment.

EPA-Certified Products You Can Trust

At Blades of Green, we prioritize the health and safety of our client’s families and pets. That’s why we use only EPA-certified products that are specially formulated to eliminate the favorable breeding conditions of bugs and insects.

Unlike some other pest control companies that may apply chemicals liberally throughout your property, our highly targeted treatments are applied only where necessary to discourage unwanted pests.

Our experienced technicians take great care to keep these products out of reach of curious children and pets, ensuring a safe and effective pest management solution.

You can trust Blades of Green to provide reliable and responsible pest control services that will keep you and your loved ones safe and free from the nuisances of unwanted pests.

The B.O.G. Difference

At Blades of Green, our bug control and insect control services stand out from the rest, offering a range of benefits that make us the preferred choice for homeowners and businesses alike. Here are just a few of the many ways that we differentiate ourselves from our competitors:

  • Eco-friendly, low-toxicity treatments that are safe for you and the environment.
  • Customized treatment plans, designed to address the specific pest issues on your property.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that provides preventative measures for controlling and managing bugs and insects permanently.
  • Highly trained and experienced technicians who utilize the latest in technology and tactics
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance visits designed to keep bugs and insects from returning to your property
  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service team who are always available to handle your inquiries and concerns
  • Comprehensive educational resources and recommendations to help prevent future pest infestations, giving customers the ability to make informed decisions for their homes and businesses.

When you choose Blades of Green, you can be confident that you’re getting a bug control and insect control service that prioritizes the safety and satisfaction of our clients. We strive to deliver services that not only eliminate pests but empower you to maintain a pest-free environment year-round.

Greener Bug Control and Insect Control Alternatives

At Blades of Green, we understand the importance of protecting the environment while providing effective pest control solutions. That’s why we offer our customers greener pest control alternatives that are designed to be eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

Our greener options feature low-toxicity, natural solutions that are equally as effective as traditional pest control treatments.

We believe that it’s our responsibility to protect the environment while providing excellent pest control services, and we’re committed to doing our part in keeping the environment clean and healthy.

When you choose our bug and insect control services, you can trust that you’re getting effective, safe, and eco-friendly solutions that make a positive impact.

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