Am I Getting More than I Ordered: Bugs and Shipping Boxes

Who among us doesn’t love a little online shopping? From time to time, a bit of retail therapy does the mind some good and everyone likes the feeling of anticipation when a new Amazon package is out for delivery. Never able to leave well enough alone though, pests can use packages to sneak indoors! So, let’s talk about it…

How Do Pests Get Into Shipping Packages?

Amazon warehouses are big places filled with an unimaginable amount of products from all over the world. It’s hardly surprising then, that a few pests will get in from time to time. Unfortunately, these bugs may accidentally end up in one of your packages from time to time where they get shipped directly to your front door! Some of the most common stowaways include:

How to Avoid Pest Infestations from Packages

We understand that your Amazon packages are one of the last things that come to mind when you think about sources of a pest infestation. Still though, given the grave consequences that insects like bed bugs bring with them, it pays to be mindful and to take a few basic precautions when bringing boxes indoors. Some of our favorite methods are:

Always Read the Reviews

Reading product reviews is essential to finding exactly what you need, but it may well pay off to look past the star rating. If customers complain of bugs either in the packaging or on the product itself, it may speak to an infestation in regional distribution centers or of one originating where the product first came from. Either way, you don’t want any part of it and should move on to something else.

Open Packages Outside

Something as simple as opening packages in your yard or on your porch can be a remarkably effective means of keeping pests out of your home. By opening and inspecting packages outdoors, you’re depriving any unwanted bugs of the opportunity to get inside in the first place. And as we all know, the best pest infestation is one that doesn’t happen at all!

Examine New Purchases Carefully

We get it, it’s tempting to just rip open that new Amazon package and get right to using whatever it is that you’ve ordered. Taking a few minutes to carefully inspect your new item however, could save you a massive headache. Often, a good visual inspection is all it takes to notice a stowaway bug, so we strongly recommend taking the time.

Wash Fabric Items

Bed bugs are one of the chief suspects when it comes to bugs found in packages. This is doubly true if the package contains any fabrics. A bed bug infestation is among the worst that you can experience as a homeowner, so taking the proper precautions when ordering bedding, furniture covers, or any other textile-based material can go an awfully long way. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend washing at high temperatures which will neutralize any unhatched bed bug eggs.

Throw The Box Away

If you look closely at a cardboard box, you’ll see that it’s two separate layers of material with both gaps and layers of structural material in between. While this makes for a lightweight, cost-effective shipping material, it also provides insects with an ideal place to hide and avoid detection. That’s why we recommend getting rid of the box as soon as you can to deprive bugs of the chance to emerge and make themselves comfortable in your home. Break them down and place them in a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid which will contain any stowed away insects until you can dispose of the boxes properly.

Regularly Get Your Home Inspected

No matter where bugs come from, be in an Amazon package or from your yard, getting your home regularly inspected is key to both preventing infestations and quickly resolving those that do occur.

Here at BOG Pest Control, we’ve been providing homes across Maryland and Virginia with quality pest control service for over 30 years during which time we’ve developed the region’s best techniques for keeping your home bug-free. So don’t hesitate to book your inspection here or to start with a free quote!

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